Our company has an excellent reputation supported by a team of proud Australians, who pride themselves on exporting Australian livestock at the highest standard at all times. Our procedures are founded on sound practical experience supported by a first class Quality Assurance system, where we undertake additional steps to meet our clients requirements.

David Gardiner

Principal and Managing Director

Austock Rural Pty Ltd - Export Licence No. L289






David has over 30 years of practical experience in exporting Australian livestock around the world. From jackaroo beginnings to running large livestock operations, abattoirs, piggeries, dairies, feedlots; David's wealth of experience has culminated in his vast knowledge of the Australian Agriculture Industry. David has been involved in Australian Livestock Export since 1985 with Dalgety. By forming Austock Rural in 1992, Australia's specialist livestock company, David is available to deliver expertise and professionalism above and beyond industry standards.

David has played a significant and an active role in various industry board and committees in the Livestock Industry at both State and National levels.


Jacqui Doyle

Executive Assistant

Austock Rural 


From growing up on Australian cattle stations to working in Agribusiness Banking, Jacqui has a personal, educational and professional background encompassing all that is agribusiness. Jacqui has a strong focus on meeting the needs of every Austock client.

Together with a Bachelor in Agriculture, Jacqui possesses those skills to competently manage staff, suppliers, governance and all within the export chain to deliver Quality Assurance results, of which Austock Rural prides itself.


Lex Crosby

Livestock Manager

Lex has over forty years experience as a Livestock Manager working for some of Australia's leading meat and livestock organisations.  This has involved buying all types of animals for the meat trade and for the feedlot industry as well as sourcing large numbers of livestock for the live export trade.

Lex is also recognised as one of Australia's leading cattle judges having judged both in Australia and overseas.

Lex has played an active role with Austock Rural over many years in sourcing and facilitating all the livestock preparation, testing and quarantine arrangements under the various health protocol requirements.


Andrew Todd BVSc

AAV Accredited Vet

After graduating University Andrew has had extensive experience within Australia and overseas in the veterinary field in a number of mixed practices.

In more recent years, Andrew has resided in the Holbrook area of NSW where he has been a partner and now operates his own practice specialising in cattle.

Andrew has extensive export knowledge and is an accredited third party vet with DOAWR and is Austock's controlling veterinarian.


Josh Crosby

Livestock Assistant

Josh has over 15 years of practical livestock experience in Australia and USA. Having worked with stud cattle in Queensland as a stock agent with some of Australia's finest agencies, and also a period of time with The Land newspaper as a regional manager.

Josh brings an excellent cross section of experience, via the next generation of management and networks to our operation at a practical level.












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