AVID Injector and Musicc Chip

AVID 3001 Injector with Needle

The AVID injector is a Monoject syringe with removable needle assembly.  Designed for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections of the AVID microchip into various animals, reptile and fish.  The needle assembly may be reused for more than one microchip injection.  The injector is also designed to work with Multi Use Sterilizable Integrated Chip Carrier (MUSICC) storage container.  For best results, it is recommended that 70% isopropyl alcohol be used when cold sterilization is performed.


AVID 2003 MUSICC (Multi Use Sterilisable Integrated Chip Carrier)

The AVID Microchip dispenser (MUSICC) holds 25 AVID microchips.  The microchip dispenser is economically designed for portability and convenience.  The 25 AVID microchips, in microchip dispenser, are packaged and sealed in a plastic vial.  The microchip dispenser can be stored in the vial and submerged in accepted cold sterilisation solution.  By rotating the top of the dispenser, the microchip can be removed through one of two openings in the top of the dispenser.  The microchip is removed with AVID3001 injector.  The injector needle can be stored in the microchip dispenser with recommended cold sterile solution.



  • Ideal for University trials
  • Low cost
  • Reuseable syringe
  • Packaged in compact portable canisters


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