Developed by a veterinarian, the Avid® FriendChip is an effective and safe way to identify your livestock. The FriendChip is a tiny microchip that fits through a hypodermic needle and is injected under the skin of your livestock where it remains safely for life.

What is the Avid FriendChip?

  • The Avid FriendChip is a tiny, implantable microchip that is injected under your livestock's skin.
  • The microchip is encapsulated within a glass capsule coated with Parylene C, a biocompatible material used for devices permanently implanted into the body.
  • The Avid FriendChip has no batteries and transmits a unique identification number when energized by a scanner's electromagnetic field.
  • The Avid FriendChip has a 9 digit number that clearly tells the finder it's an 'Avid' microchip.
  • The Avid FriendChip provides unique identification that cannot be duplicated or altered.
  • Once implanted, the Avid FriendChip provides proof of ownership that is virtually impossible to remove or alter.

The benefit of the FriendChip product is that it is a completely sterile, pre-packaged chip that looks and feels like an ordinary hypodermic needle.  They are packaged in boxes of 25 and are accompanied by a number of stockers containing barcodes that match the microchip number.




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