Rural Consulting

The Austock group has over 100 years (combined) of practical experience in providing solutions for the agriculture industry, both domestically and internationally.

This experience encompasses breeding, genetics, animal judging, management of feedlots, veterinary skills and live exporting.

Logistics is one of our key strengths, along with a first class QA system and operational procedures.

Austock has a well balanced team with years of international experience.  We are keen to work alongside clients that share in our strong animal health vision and a desire to always consider the animals well-being.  Austock fully appreciates the latest industry and government standards and will ensure that our clients expectations are met without comprimising animal welfare.

Our motto of "if in doubt, it is out", coupled with our vision statement of "do it once ...... do it right", has served us well in providing successful solutions for agriculture in general.

We look forward to considering your enquiries.


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