Livestock Exporting

Austock Rural offers:

  • 100 years of combined practical experience of livestock exporting throughout the world.
  • Specialising in the supply of superior Australian livestock.
  • Selection and purchase of animals which meet clients specification.
  • The use of RFID identification and testing procedures implemented through our certified QA systems.
  • Superior procedures for the preparation and management of testing and documentation under the control of our AQIS accredited third party vet.
  • The use of registered truck care transport companies in Australia with the latest penning technology.
  • Provision of qualified stockmen to travel with livestock to ensure their wellbeing.

Austock Rural has a proven track record in the humane treatment of all animals at all times under our care.

We endorse sustainable agriculture and have a commitment to animal welfare at the highest standards and we will only work with people who have the same high standards, principals and ethos as we do.



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